Kringle Candle Company -- The Hip Take on Yankee

Kringle CandleThe knack for the candle biz seemingly runs in the Kittredge family. Michael Kittredge II is the guy behind the Yankee Candle Co., which has been making homes smell like freshly baked apple pie for generations, and now his son Michael Kittredge III has started his own candle business, Kringle Candle Company.

Sorry Mike senior, but I like junior's candles better. 


The design is much more modern in sleek apothecary jars, and they are all white candles, regardless of the scent. I can't count how many times I've passed over a lovely scented Yankee candle because it was an ugly orange color and wouldn't match my decor scheme. The clean white goes with any decor, and doesn't become a focal point on a table. What you notice first is the aroma, and then the candle itself, which, in my opinion, is how it should be.

While our moms and grandmothers will probably continue burning Yankees (can't always break a habit), I have a feeling that Michael III's more design-savvy candles will be popping up in homes of the younger generations', and will undoubtedly quickly become as recognizable of a household name as his father's.

And no, there wasn't a horrific family dispute that led to the 20-year-old stomping out the front door, swearing he'd create a candle company better than his father's. His dad actually had a hand in creating the business, which will make for quite the family dinner talk if the younger company ever overtakes the senior.

What do you think of the design of the Kringle Candle Company? Like it better than the Yankee candles?


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