Julia Roberts Buys ANOTHER Manhattan Apartment

Julia Roberts penthouse
Julia Roberts' new Manhattan penthouse
Hey, Julia Roberts, save some Manhattan penthouses for the rest of us, will ya?

So what if most of us can't afford a Manhattan penthouse -- Julia just spent $3.895 million on her new Greenwich Village digs! -- it's the principle of the thing.

And geez, Julia Roberts already has places in California, New Mexico, and uh, another Manhattan penthouse a few blocks away in Gramercy Park.

Is that really necessary?


Last I checked, Julia Roberts just has one husband and three kids. What is with all the luxurious places to live? It's not like she needs to entertain the Queen of England when she comes ... or the President and First Lady. Maybe she's just in desperate need for a tax write-off or something ... she's clearly sitting on a large chunk of change.

In my juicy fantasies where I am as rich as Julia Roberts, I like to tell myself I would still spend modestly: one house, one housecleaner, one Jaguar. But even in my imagination, I hadn't really considered I could have a rooftop terrace and my own garage in the Village. That would be pretty sweet.

So okay, maybe I would take one of those penthouse things -- or two -- one a few blocks away where the kids can't find me ...

Aha! Is that what's really going on? Is Julia planning a more permanent move to NYC where she can have a nice family home and a gigantic moms-only cave a few blocks away? Or is the well-priced real estate in this economy that's crushing many Americans just too irresistible to the rich? 

How much real estate to you think celebrities really need? Why so many, why?


Image via Shelterpop

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