The Wild Katy Perry Wedding

Katy PerryQuirky pop star Katy Perry officially became Mrs. Russell Brand over the weekend. Their traditional Hindu wedding took place at the Sher Bagh Wildlife Resort in Rajasthan, North India and oh boy, was there wildlife.


They had a whole slew of animals (21 camels, horses, and elephants to be exact) walk them down the aisle in a full-fledged parade of a wedding procession. Not to mention, Russell bought his bride a tiger as a wedding present -- a rare female Bengal tiger named Machli. But the tiger will stay at the sanctuary in India, no LA life for her.

Now, not to be the party pooper, but yes, poop! Can you imagine?! We all know how bad those cages at the zoo smell, I definitely wouldn't want to risk having to deal with a stinky accident during my I Do's.

Elephants at Katy Perry wedding

Elephants used during the ceremony

Do you, Katy, take Russell to be your lawful wedded ... oh god, what's that smell?!

I hope for the sake of their wedding day and their guests that the animals were able to keep nature from calling.

If everything went smoothly, I can imagine what a sight it must have been as these regal creatures came down the aisle, and it no doubtedly created a memorable ceremony. But the whole animal participation is just too risky for me -- even if it's something as simple (and adorable) as having your dog act as ring bearer. There's only so much you can control, even if the animal is highly trained. One loud noise could turn a wedding ceremony into a complete zoo.

What are your thoughts on animals participating in wedding ceremonies? Would you do it?

Image via Ballistik Coffee Boy/Flickr, Simon de Trey-White/Getty

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