Halloween Crafts: 5 Clever Ways to Decorate With Candy

Candy on FridgeThe annual neighborhood Halloween party. At your house. Tonight.

The neighbors are ready, are you?

Sure, you've got the food, the drinks, a pile of pumpkins ready for carving, and loads of candy, but the rest of the house is a bit ho-hum. October went by in a flash, and your grand plans for creating hand-stenciled wall murals and fancy gourd art with power tools slipped away while you were in the middle of real life.

Plus, the kids are bouncing off the walls, the baby's cranky, the dog just threw up, your husband has disappeared, and your party starts in two hours.

Help is here!


The candy will save you. Just imagine that Dylan Lauren met Willy Wonka and invited Andy Warhol and Martha Stewart to a party.

Here are five quick and easy candy decorating crafts that will delight the children and impress the other mothers with your smart, clever creativity on a budget. Ask your kids to help, keep your sense of humor, and remember the wackier the better.

halloween decorations1.       Edible Fridge Art: Transform your fridge into a modern art candy collage by attaching your favorite Halloween sized wrapped candy bars to the doors with a few sticky-side out rolls of clear tape on the back, or use poster putty for smaller candy like orange or black Hersey's kisses or chocolate eyeballs. Think about color, size, and shape when creating a pattern. Let guests take what they want, or rearrange as they like. My 11-year-old spent an hour lining up the candy in a grid!

2.       Candy-Filled Mini Bottles: Ask your kids to help you sort small candy, like Reese's Pieces, Tic Tacs, or Jelly Beans by color, and fill up small jars with each color (check out Save-On-Crafts.com for a good selection.) Top with a Kiss a Halloween spider bouncy ball. Arrange them on a pedestal cake stand, or line them up on the coffee table.

3.       Let's Drink to Candy! Fill champagne flutes and martini glasses with candy corn colors and then line them up on the mantel or in a window sill (keep out of reach of little hands!) Group by color and type of candy for a pleasing punch of designer cool.

4.       Glass Vases Galore: Gather all your clear vases, of all shapes or sizes, fill them with candy by type (you can add small oranges or mini-pumpkins for variety), and artfully arrange them on your dining room table. Line them up in a long row, or stack some on over turned glass bowls to vary the heights.

5.       Be a Walking Candy Mom: Simplest costume evah! Attach as many mini-candy bars as possible to a black or orange sweatshirt (or to the costume you plan to wear) with safety pins, and encourage guests to pull them off you when they arrive by saying "can I interest you in something sweet? Please, help yourself."

And now, tell us your decorating tricks with treats! What are your best last easy Halloween party ideas?

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