'Whip My Hair' Videos: Funny Pet Copycats

whip my hair parrotYou've undoubtedly heard of Will and Jada Smith's little 9-year-old prodigy Willow and her single "Whip My Hair" that has been blowing up radio airwaves all month (and in case you haven't, here's the video).

Not only does she have people dangerously thrashing their hair about, she's got the pets whipping their hair, er fur (or feathers), too!

Check out these videos of pets whipping it:



Snooki of course has to make her whipping public by making a YouTube Video of herself, but she also gets her cute little puffy dog Gia in on the fun, which totally makes sitting through Snooki and her pouf worth it. 

This Siamese took inspiration from Willow's style as well as her dance moves. But even with the colorful weave in her fur, it still takes her about a minute into the video before she's really shakin' it.

Okay, seriously, this parrot dances better than me. You know he had to be working on this choreographed dance all week. He even perfectly timed his moves with the "Whip My Hair" music. Awesome!

Gah, just watching it gives me whiplash.

Which dancing pet is your favorite?


Image via YouTube.com

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