7 Reasons Black Cat Owners Are Lucky

black catBlack cats often get the short end of the, er, tail, when it comes to popularity. Thanks to myths, people start creating X's in the air whenever a black cat crosses their path for fear of bad luck being bestowed upon them. Sadly this reputation causes black cats to be the least adopted color of felines and are oftentimes tortured around this time of year.

Here in America, we're the only weirdos that believe that black cats bring bad luck. Seriously, everyone else thinks the complete opposite (Japan, France, England, Scotland, Egypt ... ).

Well, it's time to shed some light onto this darkened Halloween symbol. Here are reasons why you're lucky to own a black beauty.

  • Black Is Stylish: Not only will you not need a lint remover for those fancy black tie affairs, but holding a black cat is slimming. Every gal deserves an LBD (little black dress) and an LBC (little black cat). Not to mention, no matter what color your decor scheme, black cats will look fantastic lounging on your furniture.
  • They're Exotic: Black cats are described as "sleek" and look like miniature panthers.
  • Healthy: Research has shown that black coats have evolved separately many times in different species, indicating dark fur as a survival benefit, meaning black cats are more resistant to diseases than cats of other colors.
  • They're Rare: Black is associated with the X chromosome, so it often skips a generation.
  • They're Easy to Name: Midnight, Shadow, Licorice, Ebony, Onyx ... so many options here.
  • Famous People Like Blackies: Fred Astaire, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Queen Victoria, Charles I (His black cat actually did bring him good luck. When his beloved pet died, the next day he was arrested. Coincidence? I think not).
  • Always (Look) Clean: Dirt doesn't show up on black nearly as easily as it does on a lighter coat.

Are you superstitious about black cats?


Image via rachdian/Flickr

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