4 NEW and FREE Shelter Mags to Drool Over

We need to talk about the shelter mag renaissance. I know, I know. We all shed elephant tears over Domino and Blueprint and a dozen other favorites that shut down over the last few years. But buck up little campers, all is not lost.

I've got five fabulous shelter magazine recommendations for you. All are new (or relatively new). All are chock-full of inspiration. Four of the five are online. Which means four of the five are free dollars and fifty free cents. And -- sit down for this -- one of them is an actual hold-it-up-to-your-nose-and-smell-the-pretty-pages IN PRINT magazine.

Get your subscriptions in -- virtual or otherwise -- ASAP.


Let's start with Lonny.

It's been on the scene the longest. And it might have the most street cred, because it's produced by a Domino alum. Six issues in, it's celebrating a one-year anniversary right this minute.

Next up: Rue Magazine

Our friends at Rue believe "that every color can be your favorite color. That a good coat of paint atones for a multitude of sins. That wallpaper isn't 'back,' because frankly wallpaper never left -- it only went into hibernation."

Of course, there's also Sweet Paul

Two issues in, it's a clear hit. From the famed stylist comes a magazine full of pretty pictures, fun ideas, and accessible projects. Lots of kid-centered stuff too.

And don't forget about Laura Day Living

Three volumes so far, each one categorized by room. Laura says, "This web venture -- my newest adventure -- is about channeling what I know and have learned in a fun way to inspire others to see their homes in a different light, take a risk or two, and find a fresh life design."

Finally, there's Anthology Magazine

It's the only one here that's not free ($38 for 4 issues in the US), but I just had to include it. It's printed quarterly, and it "takes a narrative approach to its coverage of home décor, travel, design, entertaining, and culture." Anh-Minh Le is the Editor in Chief with a flawless eye.

There you have it. Five great new magazine to fill your inspiration well. Life is good!

What about you? Do you have a favorite new shelter mag I forgot to mention?

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