Smart Small Space Idea: The Mom Cave

mom caveFor years now it’s been man-cave this, man-cave that. Keg fridges, taps, ginormous televisions, ugly recliners .... Catalogs have whole sections devoted to the man cave!

Now, I don’t begrudge anyone the change to escape for a bit, but where is Mom while all this man-caving is going on?

She’s certainly not escaping! She might be able to carve out a space at the kitchen table or living room, but those aren’t her places. Space just for her. Even her bedroom is shared!

Enter Elaine Griffin, who coined the term for what women have been needing for eons: Mom Cave. A space just for Mom, where she can go for even just a few minutes and be herself, instead of Mom.


Griffin, a contributing editor for Better Homes and Gardens, teamed up with Home Goods to develop the Mom Cave concept. She has a few essentials for every creating a Mom Cave: a place to sit, work and store her belongings, space to display personalized items she loves and a place for receiving visitors.

Sounds a little Victorian to me.

The Mom Cave is all about carving out a little space for  you -- however small. I luckily get a whole (small) room for my studio. In the past I’ve had just a table. Or the bathroom.

When you create your Mom Cave, think about what it is that you need to escape to, what you find yourself in. Crafts, art, writing, reading, gardening -- there’s no rule about where your space has to be or what it has to look like.

So while an awesome designed space would be heaven, you can still make a heavenly little spot as long as you fill it with things you love and can do the things that fulfill and restore you.

And, as long as your time in there is yours -- no men allowed!


Image via Home Goods

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