Kevin Jonas Starter Pad Is Everyone Else’s Dream Home!

Kevin Jonas homeHappy newlyweds Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle are already putting their starter home on the market. They bought the 5,045-square-foot Westlake, Texas mansion for $2.2 million just last year, shortly after their wedding.

While most couple's starter homes tend to be tiny one-bedroom dumps fixer-uppers, celebrity couples quickly outgrow their humble three-bedroom mansions.


Sure, sure ... their starter homes may have all the bells and whistles that we normal folks can only dream of having. Such as an elaborate pool to soak in ...

Kevin Jonas home

And a beautiful outdoor patio to entertain friends ...

Kevin Jonas home

But you know what? They can have all that fancy stuff, because one thing that a tiny starter dump fixer-upper tends to do for a couple that a mansion cannot is create a bond -- bonding over poor plumbing and bad wiring. Instead of a big fancy pool, my new husband and I will have intimate bathtime together. And hey, our living room/dining room/kitchen may be small, but that means people will really get to know each other during our dinner parties.

So go ahead and take your "small" three bedrooms, I'd much rather make memories of being sprayed by the kitchen plumbing after my husband loosened the wrong pipe than watching TV in the home theater. 

Oh wait, there are his and hers vanities?!?!

Kevin Jonas home

Screw you Kevin Jonas and your perfect starter home!

Which would you prefer? A memory-making fixer-upper that you and your new husband tackle together, or an already perfect mansion?

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