Dogs Get Facelifts Too!

dog face lift
Molly the Shar Pei
Have you ever seen a Shar Pei? You know, the wrinkle dogs? They are obscenely cute, in their own way. They also have tons of health problems.

Their wrinkles develop mold. They get hip and elbow dysplasia. Swollen hock syndrome, allergies, hot spots, skin tearing ... and numerous eye problems related to the skin drooping around their eyes. Sometimes the droopy skin can permanently endanger their eyesight.

That’s exactly what happened to Molly, a pedigreed Shar Pei.


She was born with entropion -- the folds of her skin were rubbing against her eyes, causing pain and the potential for permanent blindness.

Enter veterinarian Richard Marks, who was thankfully willing to perform surgery on Molly, a facelift even Joan Rivers would be proud of.

The removal of all Molly’s extra skin opened up her face and saved her sight so she’ll never have to worry about it again. And there’s the whole eternally youthful appearance thing, too.

Dr. Marks was very careful to point out that Molly’s problem was the result of the horrible inbreeding that occurs in order to maintain the purity of bloodlines. And while not all purebred dogs are subject to Molly’s exact problem, they are all inbred, inviting all kinds of trouble. Just one more reason to adopt a shelter dog!

Image via Archant

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