Michelangelo Painting Found Behind Couch -- What Masterpieces Are Lurking in Your Home?

Michelangelo paintingWhat's behind your couch? Lint? Some forgotten toys? Maybe a 450-year-old painting that's worth $300 million?

Wait, go back to that last one ...


A possible unfinished Michelangelo painting had been hiding behind the Kober family's couch in Buffalo, N.Y. for the last thirty years, tucked away after the kids accidentally hit it with a tennis ball.

Only now are they getting around to finding out the painting's potential, after Air Force Lt. Col. Martin Kober retired and had some time on his hands to research. He was finally able to get in touch with an Italian art restorer and historian Antonio Forcellino, whom I can only presume had a mild heart attack upon learning that a Michelangelo had been abused by children with a tennis ball and then left to be enjoyed by the dust bunnies.

Forcellino told the NY Post that infrared and X-ray examinations of the painting -- on a 25-by- 19-inch wood panel -- show many alterations made by the artist as he changed his mind, and an unfinished portion near the Madonna's right knee.

"The evidence of unfinished portions demonstrate that this painting never, never, never could be a copy of another painting. No patron pays in the Renaissance for an unfinished copy. 'm absolutely convinced that is a Michelangelo painting."

The painting had been in the family for generations, having been sent over to the sister-in-law of the Kober's great-grandfather, who was a lady-in-waiting for a German baroness.

painting of paris

Think my painting could be worth anything?

This story makes me want to search through my couch pillows (loose change could be a rare coin?), give my painting that I bought in France a quick close-up (that guy on the street might have been a famous painter!), or maybe those vases I bought at the thrift shop are actually Wedgwoods.

What would you do if you find out your family had been sitting on a multi-million dollar masterpiece and didn't even know it? Would you sell it or keep it?


Image via NYPost.com, Brittny Drye





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