Green Design: Pot Club Much Prettier Than a Dope Dealer

San Francisco Patient Resource Center

Check out the San Francisco Patient and Resource Center, a pot club also known as Sparc. Isn't it pretty? Yep, us wild and crazy Californians have not only legalized medical marijuana, but we're voting on marijuana legalization in November. That means we're spiffing up the look of marijuana dispensaries.

This shop is definitely a step up from Big Johnny on the corner of Broadway and whatever scary street that was. And this design is double green!


For the last 12 years, Erich Pearson, Sparc founder, grew cannabis legally in San Francisco and Sonoma Counties and sold his crop to medical dispensaries and supplied it free of charge to patients in hospices. He opened Sparc two years ago and hired an architecture firm to design a space that would help "remove the stigma around cannabis and make people feel marijuana is normal." Pearson basically wanted to show the government and citizens medical cannabis dispensaries could be classy joints (no pun intended).

Let's take a look:

San Francisco Patient Resource Center

Sparc San Francisco Patient Resource Center

Wow, Sparc sure looks good. It seems very important that as marijuana takes a legal turn that businesses would need to look and feel legit. After all, this is not a head shop, it's a place to purchase a medicinal herb.

Designer Larissa Sand found that most marijuana dispensaries lacked aesthetic charm and good design. She turned that notion on its head and designed a beautiful space for Sparc -- one with lots of thought poured into it.

Some of the design features you'll find in the spare, modern, well-lit Sparc space include:

  • Minimalist oak tables and benches
  • A sales counter made of local oak, with inset glass-topped drawers for exhibiting the goods that include buds, salves, snickerdoodle cookies, cosmic caramels, and more
  • Elegant pendant lights made of borosilicate science glass, a nod to the bong
  • Steel shelving stocked with pretty apothecary-style wood boxes for organizing the cannabis
  • A wood and steel display rack for the for-sale baby plants
  • Outside, the dispensary has a semitransparent facade patterned loosely on marijuana’s DNA. The glass-heavy design was inspired by the Twin Peaks Tavern in the Castro, the first gay bar in America to have clear windows. Pearson was inspired by this story:

A glass facade represents transparency, legitimacy and a sort of coming out of the closet. It lets people know we’re not afraid of anything, that there’s no shame in it. It’s therapy for a lot of people.

Lovely design. I'd definitely want to shop there. Maybe they'll offer virgin snickerdoodles soon.

What do you think of Sparc's interior design? Should pot clubs look this good?


Images via SFist

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