Dang All Those Cords! A Cheap & Tidy Wireless Solution

home officeI can’t be the only one endlessly frustrated by all the cords and cables in my office. There’s a printer cord and cable, a scanner cord and cable, iPod docks and phone chargers and cords ...

It’s just too much, and worse -- it looks awful. It’s a jumbly tangled mess. It’s impossible to actually get anything done in there without tripping over cables and moving things around -- and to print and scan and fax in one session means plugging and unplugging cables ... You get the picture. Frustration to the max.

The solution: Go wireless.


A good wireless router is the place to start, something most of us already have. All our computers are on a home network, which is exactly as it should be.

The other essentials that you'll need:

Wireless Mouse -- Super cheap these days, a cordless mouse operates using optics and a transmitter that sends signals to a small receiver that plugs right into your computer's USB hub.

Wireless Keyboard -- Of course you only need this if you are using a desktop machine, but they are essential for eliminating desktop cord clutter.

Wireless Printer -- Just about any new printer these days has a wireless option, many with a one-touch setup, so getting it working is super easy. Purchase a model that also offers a scanning option, and you’ve just saved another cord.

Faxing -- Many printers today are print/scan/fax combinations, so if you need to fax regularly, look for a printer with this capability. If you don’t need to fax very often, you can opt for a less expensive printer, and go with an online faxing service. Many of them are pay-as-you-go, so expense is never an issue.

Charging Pad -- Instead of adding an extra power strip to contain cell phone chargers, camera chargers, etc, pick up a charging mat. Simply placing the device on the mat charges it up -- no cords!

Voila! You now have a completely wireless office! If you just can’t stand those last few electrical cords, there are plenty of options for controlling them -- including my favorite, attaching a small basket under the desk that can hold even the power strip.


Image via Johan Larsson/Flickr

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