13 Disgusting Things You Never Clean

disgusting things to cleanLet's face it, vomit-inducing dirtiness around your home happens. Whether through forgetfulness or willful neglect, we've all been shocked by a moldy, greasy, or dusty discovery of epic proportions.

Before someone turns you into a reality show, The Dirty Secrets of Germ-Ridden Women, check out these oft neglected household and personal items in your stash, and get to scrubbing.

  1. Curtains -- How many dust mites do you think can live in your floor-length curtains? Enough to make your entire family develop a serious allergy problem.
  2. Hair Brush -- If looking at that hairy thing doesn't gross you out enough to clean it ASAP, maybe thinking about dead hair and skin touching your freshly washed locks will.
  3. Diaper Bag -- Pulling out a fuzzy diaper then putting it on your baby's privates should only happen once -- in an emergency.
  4. Toaster Oven -- Yes, you really could start a fire with all those crumbs.
  5. Dog Bowls -- Do you really think Fluffy deserves all that slime with his dinner?
  6. Tooth Brushes -- How does rinsing them after covering them with germs really help? Don't forget about those grooves in the plastic collecting your spit, and the toothbrush holder that's rapidly turning white.
  7. Door Mat -- At some point you're just wiping your dirty feet on more dirt before you walk inside.
  8. Bathroom Vents -- Don't just clean your air conditioner filter once a year, this one blows year-round and is spitting dirt on you after every shower.
  9. High Chair -- Restaurant high chairs are dirtier than toilets, so think about that the next time you skip a thorough wipe-down after dinner. How do they get that way? From kids dropping food -- just like yours does at home.
  10. Makeup Brushes -- Your dead skin is all over those things you keep putting back on your face. And you wonder how come you keep breaking out? Ditto for the makeup bag.
  11. Under the Refrigerator & Stove -- Everyone drops food, food rolls, mold grows.
  12. Shower Head -- Mold and slime love moisture. Dip that thing in powerful cleaning products often.
  13. Trash Cans -- Even if you slip a plastic bag inside, spillage happens. Bleaching out the bin could probably kill an infestation or potential disease growing in there.

What do you forget to clean?


Image via krossbow/Flickr

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