Spooky TV -- No Cable or Netflix Required

I've been on the lookout for a fun Halloween decoration to share. I wanted something new and cool. Something I hadn't seen before. And I've found it!

Take a look at what clever Amanda did with an old, worn out television. It's spray painted orange with a jack-o'-lantern decal on the face. When she plugs it in (and makes sure it's not connected to cable), it displays a snowy picture as the backdrop. So smart!

Wouldn't it make a sleek, contemporary Halloween decoration in a modern house? I love how un-fussy it is. You could put it on the entry table (next to a bowl of candy, of course) to greet visitors.

Amanda says she got the idea when she glimpsed something similar on the set of a newscast. Which made me think: you never know when you'll spot the next great idea! Amanda kindly shared the DIY steps. You can find them when you click through.


1) Use an old TV that you don't care about, but that still receives power when you plug it in. You need the "snow" that appears on the screen to get the full effect. If you don't have an old TV, stop by your local Goodwill or Salvation Army and pick one up for pennies.

2) Protect the screen by covering it with plain paper and easy-to-remove blue painter's tape. If you accidentally get some paint on the screen, you can remove it with vinegar or window cleaner if necessary.

3) Use white primer to spray the entire television. Let it dry for about 20 minutes.

4) When the primer is dry, coat the TV with orange spray paint. (If you'd like you could also add a coat of matte sealer over the orange.)

5) While the orange paint is drying, cut out your jack-o'-lantern face. Amanda used black vinyl, but suggested that other options would work just as well: black paint, black Sharpie marker, black paper decoupaged to the screen, or even electrical tape.

6) Once your face is in place, it's time to turn the TV on! Keep the volume down, and do not connect the TV to cable or satellite -- you just want a snowy screen.

What do you think -- clever or silly? Or both? What's the newest, coolest thing you've seen for Halloween this year?


Tutorial reprinted with permission from Amanda Formaro. Find more of Amanda's great ideas at Amanda's Cookin.

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