Hour to Spare? 5 Halloween Wreaths to Whip Up in a Flash

halloween wreathDecorative wreaths are expensive, no matter the holiday. Christmas, autumn, Easter, spring, seashore-themed, Halloween -- they can run you $50 or lots and lots more. But they don't have to, with the motivation, right materials, and a little time. And I mean very little time.

Most of the supplies for these wreaths can be found at a Dollar Store (or a variation of one), the craft store, and sometimes your own house. The cost of each wreath totally depends on the materials you choose to buy.

Items you should have on hand if you don’t already include a hot glue gun and wreath forms.

The kind of wreath you decide to make determines your wreath form -- if you need a flat surface or are working with lots of flowers, you will want a foam base.

Just about anything else can go on the traditional grapevine base.


halloween wreathRibbon Wreath -- A super-stylish and cute wreath that’s good if you aren’t into the macabre side of Halloween. Using several different types of ribbon -- don’t be afraid to mix patterns and widths -- simply cover the wreath form by cutting the ribbon to length and gluing at the back of the wreath. Glue on mini faux pumpkins if you want a little extra decoration.

halloween wreath 

Candy Corn Wreath -- Definitely use your foam base for this one, unless you want lots of frustration trying to hold the candy in place while the glue dries. Using your hot glue gun, lay down lines of candy corn until the wreath is covered. If you work fast, you can glue several inches of corn at a time. Once dry, spray the wreath thoroughly with a clear varnish. Hang with a black tulle bow for added flair. Tip: Spray paint your base orange or black before getting started.

halloween wreathNevermore Wreath -- A few black feather boas and a raven perched on the inside and you’ve suddenly invoked the spirit of Poe himself. Add a pretty satin bow, and draw up some well-known verses on cardstock. If you want to add a bit of glitz, consider glitter in your bow, on your cards, or even on the ends of a few feathers. Tip: Buy at least one more boa than you think you’ll need -- the extra feathers will fill in any gaps you may have.

halloween wreathGoogly Eye Wreath -- There are tons of variations on this -- cover your form in faux fur, use fake eyeballs instead -- but I love the simplicity and silliness of this one. All you do is buy a TON of googly eyes, in all different sizes (but your job will be easier if you go bigger). Glue them to your wreath and loop a ribbon for hanging. The wreath pictured also has a clever sign, which you can make with cardstock and chipboard letters painted with glow-in-the-dark paint.

halloween wreathSpider Wreath -- This one is made with tons of Spanish moss, which is kind of spooky on its own, but I think it would be fun to play with reindeer moss as well. Moss, glittered plastic spiders (or whatever kind you choose), and a scary invitation make for an easy, high-impact wreath.




Images via OneSelfSacrifice/Flickr, Speckled Dog, Ducks in a Row, Eddie Ross, Chica and Jo, Sourkraut Krafts

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