Easy Bathroom Updates, Rubber Ducky-Inspired Decor & More News

bathroomBathrooms are probably the room that you put the least amount of effort into decorating. And really, why stress over what is probably the smallest room in the house? My bathroom is actually decorated, but that's only because I saw a photo in Domino years ago and fell so much in love that I had to replicate it. But if the extent of your bathroom decor is a patterned shower curtain, maybe you should look into these links:

  • You don't need to replace the tiling and put it all new hardware to update your bathroom. There are several easy, simple ways to give your bathroom a makeover, without spending a ton of money. Things such as swapping out the accessories or linens, changing the mirror, or adding window treatments can give it a whole new look. -- Shelterpop
  • Got a kid who loves his rubber duckies, and no matter what you do, your bathroom is seemingly overrun with them? Don't fight it, embrace it. Yellow duckies actually can be great inspiration for cute decor. Who knew your toddler was on to something?  -- Apartment Therapy
  • Try to find the toilet in this photo. Found it yet? Look real hard. If you were unable to spot it, it's because it's in disguise. British designer Cath Kidston camouflaged her pooper to look like a slipper chair. I wonder if it's just as comfy? -- Casa Sugar

What does your bathroom decor look like?


image via Paragon Apartments/Flickr

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