5 Fake Jack o' Lanterns for Lazy Folks

ceramic jack o lanternsPumpkin carving is one of my favorite Halloween activities, so when I hear of someone using fake jack-o'-lanterns, my mouth drops open about as far as that pumpkin's in the photo.

Are you really that lazy that you refuse to get down and dirty for 10 minutes to gut a gourd?

Well, in case you are (shame on you), here are five options for fake jacks that bring you the same faces, year after year.


Ceramic Jacks: These ceramic pumpkins (right) even come with a metal handle to make carrying a breeze (since we can guess how much effort you want to put forth).


fake jack o lantern

Foam Jack: This kit is easy to assemble -- just add the hat and spider on top of a pumpkin. Perfect for those lazy bones out there.

halloween decorRealistic Jack: I'll admit that this pumpkin does look pretty real, and that you went an extra step and painted it. The neighbors may be fooled, but your conscience will know the truth.

fake jack o lantern

Plastic Jack: These are currently sold out online (so head to your nearest Target), which breaks my heart. That means these plastic pumpkins are sitting on stoops all over America. For shame!

fake jack o lantern

Traditional Jack: I love how they use the word "traditional" in describing this decor item ... there is nothing traditional about a fake!!!

Do you prefer fake jack-o'-lanterns over the real thing?


Images via Domestications.com, Michaels.com, Kmart.com, Target.com, Amazon.com

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