'Twilight' Inspired Bedroom ... for Grown Ups

twilight decor
For teenagers only!
It’s understandable that a Twilight-obsessed little girl would adore owning Bella’s purple flocked bedding, framed movie posters, glitter, and kitschy-themed knick-knacks. But if you are a Twilight-loving adult, that look probably won’t work for you.

Fear not! There are tons of ways to use Twilight as your inspiration without looking like you are using your daughter’s bedroom for the weekend.

The main idea is to take overarching themes from the books and films, and edit those down to basic decor ideas.


Color Palette
Think about grays and silvers for Edward. Bella brings a rich plum to the table, as well as white or cream. Black is also a theme, and a good way to add pop to this color palette. Since the books are set in the Pacific Northwest, think about adding some of those colors -- a driftwood gray, lush green, etc.

Velvets mimic Bella’s bedding, satins and silks evoke capes. Add in a bit of faux fur to pay homage to Jacob. Linen evokes the woods. Edward likes antiques, Bella has mismatched thrifted furniture -- so a bit of distressing on furniture, walls, moldings, or accessories will bring that feel to the room.


This is where your room will really come together -- and there are thousands of ways to accessorize. A few Twilight musts: flowers, wrought iron sconces, Twilight-inspired art works, antiques, or replicas.

Bringing It All Together

twilight decorBed -- Gray satin sheets with a lush duvet in either gray or plum. Add decorative pillows, mixing and matching color and pattern as Bella would. Plums, dusty purples, silver, and gray are all good choices. Add in a silvery faux fur pillow or throw to pay homage to Jacob. For a splurge (or good DIY project), find a new headboard reminiscent of vampires and the wood of the Pacific Northwest.

twilight decorFlat surfaces --
Red glass roses in an antiqued silver vase and tea-light candles in colorful votive holders bring in some of Bella’s aesthetic. A tabletop terrarium filled with mosses and succulents brings the lush green of the Northwest inside. Bookends, especially in a classic fleur-de-lis shape, not only show off a small collection, but play on Edward’s antiques.

twilight decorWalls -- Use ornate black frames to show off classic silhouettes or other graphic art. Find a dreamcatcher that you like, and use Jacob’s gift to Bella as part of your wall decor. If you want to get really into it, add an ornate mantelpiece to your room, painted black. Use the top to bring in more plant life. Finally, display a vinyl wall decal above your bed. As long as it doesn’t say “Bella Hearts Edward,” then you are design-safe. Bring in other art works: photographs, paintings, and mixed media pieces. Bella’s drapes were layered, and you can achieve the same look using combinations of sheer and opaque fabrics. If you want to pay homage to Edward’s shimmer, this is the place to do so -- just use a shimmery (but not glittery) sheer along with your solids.

twilight decorLighting --Gorgeous wrought iron wall sconces add ambiance, and serve as an adult replacement for Bella’s lighted dragonflies. Light up your mantel with candelabras in the “fireplace” portion. Hang a beautiful beaded chandelier from the ceiling -- or simply repaint a thrifted one into a distressed white or hammered iron look. For occasional lamps, play with wrought iron or wood once again. Using a shade with a red beaded trim evokes little drops of blood -- just make sure they are single beads, rather than fringe.




Images (top to bottom) via Amazon, Ballard Designs, Wrought Iron Decor Store, Willow Creek Signs, Sundance Catalog


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