Happy Autumn and a Merry Christmas to You!

Costco Christmas display
It's Christmas at Costco
Take a look at this beautiful Christmas scene happening right now at your friendly neighborhood Costco stores. Yep, that's right, not even Thanksgiving yet, or Halloween, and the Christmas decor has hit the shelves.

Once again, the holiday goods are out in stores far earlier than most of us deem acceptable, and yet we still act shocked by it. But someone must be buying it, right? Is that somebody you?


Santa Costco
Santa is raring to go at Costco!
It's not just Costco stores making the fall season jolly either (appreciate these photos, Sasha!).

The folks over at The Consumerist have also spotted some early Christmas glee. It appears Home Depot stores are also already decking their halls with Christmas trees and other holiday decorations.

A Flickr user uploaded this wintry Christmas window display taken in San Francisco's Union Square.

Fred Meyer stocked the shelves with lights and trees and merry little snowmen just after Labor Day,

The "Christmas creep" phenomenon is alive and well.

Fred Meyer store director Steve Wissink says that most Christmas decorations are imported and ordered the year before. I imagine this can create a bit of a storage nightmare for stores when stock arrives early in the season, and if you can put it out and sell it, then why not, right?

What do you think about Christmas creep? Bothersome or just another part of our consumer-driven society we ought to get used to?


Images via Sasha Brown-Worsham


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