'Jersey Shore' Pranks + 10 More Classic Acts of Revenge

Angelina from Jersey ShoreThe Jersey Shore housemates are constantly calling each other family (even though they've hooked up with one another on several occasions ... ew), and if you mess with one family member, prepare to take the wrath of the others. Which is exactly what Angelina found out this season. Constantly getting into fights with the roommates, Angelina finally had enough and quit the show in last week's episode. Though she was usually portrayed as the instigator, she's revealed that the housemates weren't always on the defensive end and would often pull nasty pranks on her.


She tells Us magazine that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino put a condom on her pillow with whipped cream in it so it looked used. She adds, "I found olive oil and grated cheese all over my bed. I picked up my comforter, and it was on my sheets, my pillow. It was yellow and I thought Mike pissed on my bed."

I'd probably have sympathy for her if she wasn't such a bitch on the show, but in my opinion, she deserved what she got. And that condom prank is pretty funny.

I've been fortunate enough to never have had a revengeful roomie, but I had a lot of guy friends in college who were in fraternities and they'd constantly play pranks on each other in the house. Using those, along with some anonymous submissions, I have a list of 10 of the best (or worst if you're the victim) roommate pranks.

  1. Toilet Additive: Whether it be their deodorant, toothbrush, or hairbrush, a little toilet dipping of a hygiene item is cruel (but sometimes necessary).
  2. Ball Drop: Put a bunch of ping pong balls in an open box and tilt it at an angle against a closet door or cabinet from the inside, so when your roommate opens the door, the ping pong balls will all spill out.
  3. Hot Commodity: Using a syringe, inject hot sauce into your roommate's food. It can be fruits, veggies, Little Debbie cakes ...
  4. Cellophane-Covered Toilet: Place clear cellophane over the toilet bowl, but under the seat.  A classic roommate prank, albeit disgusting. 
  5. Where's the Clock: This only works if you're a night owl or if your bedrooms are on opposite sides of the house, else you will suffer as well. Hide alarm clocks in their room and set them to go off at odd hours in the night.
  6. Fan-tastic: Carefully pile confetti, baby powder, or whatever on the blades of their ceiling fan. When they turn it on, stuff will fly everywhere (just be prepared to help them clean afterwards).
  7. One-Man Ticket Parade: Same idea as the fan, but carefully stuff the fillings into their umbrella, making sure they don't fall out when it's picked up. When the roommate opens it, they'll be showered with confetti.
  8. Dixieland Delight: Place Dixie cups all over their room, each with about an inch of water in them making it impossible to stack, so they have to pick each one up at a time.
  9. Spray Away: Wrap a rubber band around the trigger of your sink sprayer and leave it so it's pointing out. This way, as soon as your roommate turns on the sink, they will automatically be blasting themselves with water.
  10. Slippery When Wet: Cover their doorknob with Vaseline. 

**Warning: Putting these pranks into action may begin a prank war. Prepare to battle.

Have you ever played a prank on a roommate, or had one done to you?

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