10 Bookshelves Way Too Cool for Books

rainbow bookshelfHenry Higgins moving around on his library ladder in My Fair Lady makes me swoon. Not Rex Harrison. The shelves.

For a bibliophile, walls of shelving is a dream come true.

But life in a standard one and a half story rural home makes the libraries of the Victorian era impossible. So I've made it my mission to find shelves that make you scream "wait, that's a bookshelf?" and drop to your knees in high praise.

Trust me, these will make you swoon in a totally non-sexy Rexy way:


alphabet shelvesWhat's a book other than a giant pile of letters thrown together in just the right way to tell a story? This precarious position of the ABCs takes the love of the letter to new heights.

comic book shelvesIt's a comic book statement! It's a box with a strange comma coming out the bottom! No, it's a place to store your books!

Donkey Kong ShelvesFor the geek in all of us, shelves that look like a Nintendo game world. And still manage to keep our valuables from falling in the deep dark water.

polar bear bookshelfFitting everything into those tiny spaces may be a bear, but totally worth it.

fireplace bookshelfWe've got a case of the warm and fuzzies from a fireplace stocked with fuel for the mind.

books in the raftersAn unfinished ceiling becomes a book lovers' view of heaven from below.

USA bookcaseTraveling has never been so easy as with a book in hand.

pyramid bookcaseWelcome to ancient Egypt by way of modernity.

cave bookcaseThey will always know where to find you.

shelf shelfWell, of course it's a shelf, what else would it be?

Would you put any of these in your home?

Image via Eccentric Scholar/Flickr; Pieter de Leeuw; Fusca Design; IKEA Hacker; Freshome; Unclutterer; Apartment Therapy; Otto; decomodes; kontrastblog; Freshome

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