Real Estate Trend: Letting Your Kids Pick Your Next Move

houseImagine letting your 9-year-old make the decision for the next place you call home. That thought gives me images of homes with huge backyards but small kitchens, stairs that are perfect for sliding down but not to trek laundry up, and rooms filled with cubby holes that are really only good for hide-and-seek.

But giving the kids the real estate reins is becoming quite popular. A recent NY Times article states that more and more parents are involving their kids in the daunting task of selecting real estate.


Now, though I hate (hate, hate, hate) being on the hunt for a new apartment, I can only imagine what a 6-year-old would think of it. Sure I see the learning advantages this would have, but some parents in New York are going as far as having their kids attend open houses unsupervised. According to the article, a broker recently had two girls, ages 11 and 12, appear without a parent at an open house for a $3.1 million apartment. The sisters signed in with their e-mail address (which referred to frogs), asked questions about the layout, and praised the bathroom before politely leaving.

I can picture it now, the two girls stepping through the rooms masked in ornate crown molding and topped off with glistening chandeliers, "This master bedroom is perfect to hold all of our toys. Mummy and Daddy can sleep in the guest bedroom." (British accent because, in my head, it sounds more refined and high class ... I think I watch too many movies.)

Sorry, but I can't imagine giving kids full control in selecting an apartment, but then again, I'm a control freak, so even the thought of a husband having full control makes me twitch.

Would you be up for letting your child select your next home? What type of home do you think they'd choose?


Image via JillSparks1/Flickr

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