Shared Showers: Vanessa Minnillo & Nick Lachey Aren't Saving Water

Vanessa Millillo Nick Lachey
Vanessa Millillo and Nick Lachey
Recently, Vanessa Minnillo shared that she and boyfriend Nick Lachey love showering together. Wow, this seems like a great way to save on household water usage, doesn't it?

(Oh ... that's NOT what their showering together story made you think about?)

Well, too bad Vanessa and Nick are doing shared showers all wrong anyway. They're not saving any water at all.


"We shower, honestly, at least twice a day," Minnillo told

Twice a day? Is that really necessary? Well, I guess since they're showering together, at least they come out even, right? A shared shower twice a day is equivalent to one shower, right? Wrong.

"We both have our own shower heads, so we just talk while we're soaping up and doing our hair," Vanessa explains.

Dual shower heads, huh? Well, of course they have dual shower heads. That means the couple is sharing a shower stall, yes, but they're still using the same amount of water as they would if they took individual showers.

And then there's this ... "we've turned it into an intimate time for each other."

Just great. So now they're not only taking what adds up to four showers a day, but now there's hanky panky going on under the dual shower heads too. Can't you two do that in a place that doesn't result in an excess of our natural resources going down the drain? Oh, I don't know, like in bed!

Oh wait. Hold on. Vanessa also insists: "It's not a sexual thing and it's not a romantic thing, it just becomes an intimate thing. You're in your full form, so to speak, and you're vulnerable and we just both let our guard down. I've had some of my most intimate conversations with him in the shower."

(I'd love to hear Nick's perspective on this story. I have feeling it's different than Vanessa's ultra-clean "we're so emotionally bonded!" version.)

Alright then, case closed. Shared showers, at least for this couple, are not water savers (and two more points off for being so darn lovey dovey!). Of course, that doesn't mean shared showers can't be a greener alternative if you do them right. 

Do you or your kids try to save water by doubling up in baths or showers?


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