Verizon Refunds Millions -- 5 More Reasons Phone Companies Owe Us

Verizon StoreVerizon Wireless had a big ol' oopsie recently and is having to pay out millions of dollars in refunds to their customers.

They announced that they would have to pay up to $90 million in refunds to 15 million cellphone customers who were wrongly charged for data sessions or Internet use. The refunds will be paid to customers who did not have data access plans but who were nevertheless assessed one or more charges of $1.99 because of data exchanges initiated by software built into their phones, or because of charges for accidentally hitting the button that activated the web browser.

On top of that, Verizon will also likely be fined by the F.C.C. for not notifying customers of the problem, as this has been a reigning complaint for the last three years.

Finally! But it may just be too little too late.

So while they're shelling out their millions in refunds, cell phone companies might want to be sure to fix these five other flaws -- it could save them millions later. 


Dropped Calls: If I'm getting charged by the minute for placing a call, I sure as hell don't want to spend my minutes waiting on the person to pick up. Which I have to do many times during one phone conversation all too often. (I'm looking at you, AT&T.)

GPS: Living in a large city, the GPS on my phone has become my BFF (I have dubbed her Bertha). But sometimes Bertha is a menopausal bitch and leads me in the complete opposite direction that I'm trying to get to. Luckily I'm usually on foot, but the majority of people are in cars -- hello, gas is expensive!

Allowing Drunk Dialing: Actually, never mind. There's no price for loss of dignity.

Internet Service: I've heard complaints for both the iPhone and BlackBerry on this -- we pay a certain amount each month to have the ability to browse the web on our phones. We should really only be paying about 30% of that because that's about the amount that the Internet actually works.

Application FAILS: Just the other day, I tried downloading a really cool app only to have it crash on me every time I tried opening it up. $5 down the drain.

What cell phone flaws would you like to see a refund for?


Image via Eric Hauser/Flickr

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