Dog Suspenders and 8 More Bizarre Products People Actually Buy

dogglesIs it any wonder Cesar Millan says he wants to come back in the next life as an American pet dog? The Dog Whisperer told CBS' Lesley Stahl we're spoiling the fur off our pooches.

And now there's a company claiming your dog on the go needs a nutrition bar to match their hectic life of sleeping on the couch and chasing (their own) tail.

Coincidence? We think not. If you own anything on this list, please, take your dog out of your will and sell the pedestal bed. It's time to get a life:


1. Grrr-nola(R) Dog Food Bar -- Because when you go through the drug store drive-thru, Fido needs to get a treat too, apparently. These are being pushed into convenience and drug stores by the All American Pet Company which issued a press release last week noting, "The convenience factor of consumer products is an attribute that cannot be overlooked."

2. Doggles K-9 Optix -- Unless they have a vet-diagnosed eye condition, is there any reason to put glasses on your dog that doesn't include the word "spoiled" in it? If it's too bright and sunny for Sassy, keep her inside.

3. Diamond Dog Collar -- If you have $3.2 million to blow on a dog collar, how about buying a dog shelter their kibble for the remainder of its existence?

4. Dog Bathrobes -- They're called towels. Use them.

5. Light-Up Sneakers -- There are dogs who could use shoes because the cold hurts their feet when they're used to being indoors all day, but if you won't even spring for the light-ups for your kid, why are you buying them for the four-legged?

6. Dog Snowsuits -- How long does it take your dog to go out and pee in a snowstorm? You might want to get that checked!

7. Nail Appliques -- Do we have to explain this one? It's a dog. And she doesn't think she looks pretty. She thinks you're holding her paw and expecting her to sit still for an awfully long time.

8. Dog Suspenders -- Did someone get a glimpse of his hiney crack? Repeat after us ... he's a dog. He LICKS that crack. Leave the suspenders for your grandpa.

9. Dog Anklets/Leg Warmers -- See above how long does it take them to be outside peeing. Even a dog who goes for a run with you will not get that cold in that period of time.

Of course these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to spoiling -- the out and out stupid is out there too. The question: would you buy ANY?


Image via Doggles

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