Multicolored Chairs: A Nice Idea for a Colorful Home

colorful mismatched chairs

Looking for a way to bring a little colorful charm into your home? How about -- with paint, fabric, or a conscious decision while furniture shopping -- mixing up the color of your chairs in the dining room or other rooms in your house. I know it sounds a little wild, but it can be so pretty. Are you brave enough?

Let's take a look at some more colorful chair inspiration.


I tend to think this multicolored chair trend works best when you go for more than just two colors. Two colors are okay, but three or more chair colors are magnificent.

Shown above: Love this grouping of differently shaped chairs, which are also wonderfully colorful, found via MICASA. The more ornate chairs look great with the boxy poufs since they're all in the same color palette. What a fun little sitting area.

chairs dining

A similarly pretty chair grouping -- every one a different, bright color -- for the dining room via stylist Ruthie Sommers.

vintage kitchen chairs

Pretty pastel chairs stand out with other pops of color in this white vintage kitchen from

colorful chairs wedding

Love this wedding, found via Oh Happy Day! I love how the colorful chairs and the floral centerpieces provide the only color against the clean, bright white backdrop. Gorgeous.

mismatched sofa cushions colorful seating

Colorful sofa cushions from Marie Claire Maison via CasaSugar take this style idea even further. Multicolored dining chairs look great with a wood table as well.

What do you think? Would you try this colorful decorating idea in your home?

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