The Secret to Hanging Gallery Wall Arrangements

nurseryGallery wall arrangements are a really great way to show off your pictures but there is a fine line between looking chic and looking cluttered. Not to mention, all of the holes in the walls you make trying to find that line.

Jenny, an interior designer and blogger at Little Green Notebook, has a secret for perfecting these types of arrangements ... no annoying kraft paper templates or guessing required.


1. Measure the length of the wall space you want to cover. In an open area where you have lots of room to work, put your measuring tape down on the floor, locked at the correct length so you can reference that measurement.

2. Play with the layout of the frames. Be sensitive to frame size, frame color, mat size, image color, image subject, etc.

3. Once you've found a good arrangement and the right spacing, take lots of photos of your arrangement on the floor for reference.

photos4. Start with the top left frame in the arrangement and hang that on your wall. Refer to your photos to note where to hang the adjacent frames (ie 4" down, 3" to the right, etc). It's easy to figure out where to put your nail if you're sensitive to the placement of the nail hanging mechanism on your frame.

It only took her 20 minutes to complete the gallery wall in the nursery above, and it looks fantastic.

Are you a fan of the gallery wall arrangement? What technique do you use when hanging photos? Eyeball it? Measure it out?


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