That Super-Scary Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart Halloween HandbookDid you see the cover of the Martha Stewart Halloween Handbook? Yep, that's Martha Stewart herself all decked out as a Spellbinding Sorceress. Eeek! Very scary, Martha.

The Best of Martha Stewart Halloween Handbook special collector's edition 2010 is on newsstands now, but this isn't the first time Martha has donned a scary Halloween costume. She's dressed up for several Halloween issues of Martha Stewart Living as well as on her show.

Let's take a look at six of Martha's scariest Halloween costumes over the years.


I like Martha. Sure, I think she goes too far sometimes, but hey, someone has to, right? Better her than us. Or shall I say, better we take the 10% of her advice that seems doable and leave the other 90% for the overachieving domestic divas of the world.

From what I can tell, Martha seems pretty real -- in an obsessive compulsive sort of way -- but real nonetheless. She can be a bit goofy on her show and she definitely doesn't come off as prissy or arrogant. Martha simply like things how she likes them, and Halloween's no different. And I do have to say the fact that she dresses up for Halloween at all makes me like her all the more.

Let's check out six of her very cool costumes.

Spellbinding Sorceress (2010 Halloween Handbook)

martha stewart sorceress

This costume is totally awesome. That hair!

Ghostly Equestrienne (2009 Halloween issue)

Martha Stewart Halloween equestrienne

Those eyes totally freak me out. The satiny riding cape looks great.

Queen of the Wild Things (2009, Season 5 of The Martha Stewart Show)

martha stewart wild thing

Hmmm, not sure what's going on here. She says she was inspired by Where the Wild Things Are, but it looks like she was inspired to wear a couple bearskin rugs and a tree branch on her head. Oh well, no one wins every time. Even Martha.

Medusa (2008, Season 4 of The Martha Stewart Show)

Martha Stewart Halloween Medusa

This costume is bad @ss. Really really cool.

Glampire (2007 Halloween issue)

martha stewart glampire

Glampire or Elvira? Glampira? Or maybe Siouxsie without the Banshees. 

Black Cat (2006, Season 2 of The Martha Stewart Show)

Martha Stewart Halloween black cat

Here, kitty kitty. Oh, is that you, Martha? That's super funny.

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Which of Martha's costumes is your favorite?


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