Super-Scary Home Decor in Time for Halloween

haunted houseAre you gearing up for a fright night Halloween party at your place? Or maybe you and your family just like to scare the bejesus out of each other around the very special spooky holiday.

Check out these super-scary decorations (I mean scary!) that are sure to frighten up your home. Better have the coffins ready because if your guests are scaredy cats like me -- this stuff will give them a straight heart attack.

String your cobwebs, turn on that creepy moaning music, and get ready to SCREEEEEAM!



8 Super-Scary Halloween Decorations for Your Home


Here's a nice creepy touch for your front porch. These evil-looking dudes always scare me.

Scary Gargoyle, 15" Tall ($49.99) at Amazon

bates motel sign

Hang this outside, put your hair up in a bun, and then sit in your front window in a rocker and rock. Yell "Norman!" in a cranky old lady voice every so often. You think you'll get any trick or treaters?

Bates Motel Sign ($31.97) at Halloween Costumes Collection

scary marionette

Marionettes scare me when they're nice looking. This dude looks like that freaky guy who tore apart the plane engine in the Twilight Zone movie. Eeesh!

Scaryonettes Little Creeper Marionette ($59.99) at

blood bath matFun for a Halloween party or to freak the hell out of your husband. Total mean trick, but sometimes he deserves it.

Blood Bath Mat ($17.99) at Perpetual Kid

blood bath shower curtain

More good fun for a scarefest party -- or you know, to make your husband cry.

Blood Bath Shower Curtain ($13.99) at

psycho shower curtain

Now this doesn't even look real. But maybe with a battery-operated candle in the tub behind it? Eeek!

Psycho Shower Curtain ($18.99) at

jason friday the 13th foggy mirror decal

Ohhhh, hell no. If I looked in the mirror at a party and saw this, I'd fall dead from fright right there.

Jason Mirror Decals ($5.40) at

bozo clown

Anyone who's seen or read Stephen King's It will lose their sh*t if they happen upon this freaky dude.

Bozo the Clown Doll on eBay

What do you think? Would this stuff scare you? Or am I just a big wimp?


Top image via darkpatator/Flickr 

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