Larry the Cable Guy Puts Home on Market: Git R Done!

Larry the Cable Guy's homeWhen I heard that redneck comedian Dan Whitney aka Larry the Cable Guy put his home on the market, I seriously expected it to be in the form of a trailer.

So what does the inside of a redneck-turned-millionaire's home look like? Let's take a peek ...






Larry the Cable Guy's home

This is my favorite room of the house because it's sooo redneck. And I can say that because I relate to more of his jokes than I care to admit. Indoor Astroturf (yes!). Check. Camo La-Z-Boy. Check. Wood paneling everywhere. Check. Oh how the boys back home in Tennessee would give their right leg to live here (no arms though, they wouldn't be willing to give up hunting season).

Larry the Cable Guy's home

I'm actually surprised that there aren't more animal carcasses in his home. I'm willing to bet the real estate agent made him take them down to make it more marketable, and since animal skin rugs have popped up on the pages of Elle Decor, they're considered "trendy." Though I beg to differ.

And no Southern home is complete without an ode to a football team, though that looks like a Nebraska Huskers helmet. What the heck, man? I know you're from Nebraska and all, but if you're gonna play the Southern character ...

Larry the Cable Guy's home

And this home comes with a gym that is in mint condition.

Larry the Cable Guy's home

This is where the magic happens? Uh, git r done? Not so much.

Larry the Cable Guy's home

Now this is what I'm talking about! 'Dis her rat 'der is whatcher call a swimmin' hole.

Dan's four-bedroom Florida home is listed at $1,550,000, which probably rounds up to about $3 million if you add in costs for redecorating the whole damn place.

If you had the money, would you buy this home? Or more importantly, would you buy this home as is?


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