Steve Jobs New Home: Floorplans Reveal Surprising Details

Steve JobsSteve Jobs, the bajillionaire genius behind Apple, recently tore down his 30-room, 14-bedroom, and 13 1/2-bathroom mansion and plans on building a new home in its place. Guess what this one is going to be like ...

Twenty bedrooms with a tennis court, bowling alley, movie theater, and zoo?


A futuristic home that has powers to become invisible and contains a time machine unit? (What? He's Steve Jobs ... it could happen.)


So what kind of home would one of the richest men in the world build ... ?


A simple single family home: 5 bedrooms with a 3-car garage.

Say whaaat? Is he trying to turn into a monk?

According to the floorplans, it's literally half the size of his former abode. No bells, no whistles. Very sparse, clean, and simple. Depending on if you're an Apple fan or not, that's either right on or the complete opposite of his products.

"The site plan definitely shows unnatural restraint for a person of wealth," notes Christopher Travis, both a managing partner of Austin-based Sentient Architecture and the founder of a start-up that's developing software to predict how people respond to the built environments around them. "It is functional, not really designed for entertaining, but a home/work environment. This guy likes his work."

Regardless of the modest design, I'm still willing to bet he has a secret vault or lair underground for all of his pending gizmos.

Are you shocked that his future home is so simple? What kind of home would you build if you were a billionaire?

Image via Justin Sullivan/Getty

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