Eight Tiny Spaces You'll Want to Daydream About

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For the past couple of years I've been fascinated with small spaces. Tiny little retreats that could fit in the corner of a yard. I like the limitations of the dimensions -- the opposite of skies-the-limit -- which force the owner to think creatively and problem solve.

I also like that a small space can be completely tricked out with every detail attended to, because it's much less overwhelming to perfect one room than put together an entire house.

Building or buying a little shack like this would be on my life list (if I had one). I don't know exactly what I would do with it. Maybe it would be a guest house. Or a place to work uninterrupted. Whatever the purpose, here are eight of the favorite tiny spaces that fill my daydreams.

Here's a cottage on the Isle of Wight. Complete with lovely view and lily pads in a pond.


Tumbleweed Tiny House Company offers plans so you can build your own mini dwelling.


Tiny Texas Houses. Built from salvaged materials and representing different architectural styles.


Here's a retreat designed by architect Jeffrey S. Broadhurst. Only 140 square feet and totally off the grid.


Beach huts built by James Ward. You could have your own built for about $7,500. What color would you pick?


Plankbridge Shepherd's huts. Roll one into your backyard -- they even have a stove!


A tiny Victorian cottage. It looks like a dollhouse! But it's filled with grown-up-size luxuries.


Want something less refined, more primitive? You could stay at the Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge in Sweden.

See what I mean? I'm totally obsessed. What about you? Have I convinced you of the charm of tiny homes? Are you fascinated with small spaces now, too? Are there other mini dwellings I should know about?


Thanks to Handmade Charlotte for many of the sources.

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kelli... kelli0585

I love small dwellings.  My favorite place I ever lived was my one room studio apartment.  If I won the lottery, I would seriously live in a shiny, vintage aluminum Airstream travel trailer complete with mid-century/retro styling. 


I have been fascinated by small spaces since I was a kid.  Always wanted to live in a camper or tiny cottage.  I have been trying to convince my husband to sell our home and most of our stuff and buy an RV,  for some reason he thinks I am nuts.....  lol

Jen McPhie-Lewis

You have definitely convinced me of the charm of tiny spaces. I enjoy our tiny condo because it's fast to clean and we really have to think creatively to decorate and do home improvement projects, especially in the kitchen. I love those tiny spaces above. How about a tiny college dorm? http://www.tinyhousetalk.com/2010/09/29/tiny-house-dorms/

Annab... Annabel1809Lee

Well, we don't have a tiny space, but soon we will have 4 adults and 2 children living in around 2000 sq ft. Trust me... THAT is living in a tiny space!

Daisy... DaisyMazie

I think we love these teeny tiny spaces because they remind us of dollhouses -- plus it's easier to find your keys in a teeny tiny space. And that's very appealing.


Kersten Kersten

Not my cup of tea.  No offense but these kinds of places were something I dreamed about in elementary school lol

nonmember avatar Nadine

OMG those houses are tiny, they probably have no more space than a tent :), is there any shower inside? They look great, just have a few doubts about the comfort level.

nonmember avatar Sandy

Where are those places located? in Britain? they are really small, like a normal British house :D

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