Eight Tiny Spaces You'll Want to Daydream About

Gabrielle Blair

For the past couple of years I've been fascinated with small spaces. Tiny little retreats that could fit in the corner of a yard. I like the limitations of the dimensions -- the opposite of skies-the-limit -- which force the owner to think creatively and problem solve.

I also like that a small space can be completely tricked out with every detail attended to, because it's much less overwhelming to perfect one room than put together an entire house.

Building or buying a little shack like this would be on my life list (if I had one). I don't know exactly what I would do with it. Maybe it would be a guest house. Or a place to work uninterrupted. Whatever the purpose, here are eight of the favorite tiny spaces that fill my daydreams.

Here's a cottage on the Isle of Wight. Complete with lovely view and lily pads in a pond.


Tumbleweed Tiny House Company offers plans so you can build your own mini dwelling.


Tiny Texas Houses. Built from salvaged materials and representing different architectural styles.


Here's a retreat designed by architect Jeffrey S. Broadhurst. Only 140 square feet and totally off the grid.


Beach huts built by James Ward. You could have your own built for about $7,500. What color would you pick?


Plankbridge Shepherd's huts. Roll one into your backyard -- they even have a stove!


A tiny Victorian cottage. It looks like a dollhouse! But it's filled with grown-up-size luxuries.


Want something less refined, more primitive? You could stay at the Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge in Sweden.

See what I mean? I'm totally obsessed. What about you? Have I convinced you of the charm of tiny homes? Are you fascinated with small spaces now, too? Are there other mini dwellings I should know about?


Thanks to Handmade Charlotte for many of the sources.

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