That Pumpkin's Doing What? Avert Your Eyes!

pumpkinsPumpkin carving has been thought of as solely a kid-friendly activity for far too long. Why does it always have to be about triangular eyes or ridiculously difficult store-bought patterns? I'm sure the pumpkins would appreciate being made into something with a little adult-humor.

Well because I know there's a silly, immature teenager in all of us, here are some rated R gourds for your adult Halloween pleasure.

(Warning: Photos may be offensive to some.)




sexy witch jack-o-lantern
Ooo la la! Girls have a tendency to make any and every profession slutty in costume-form so why stop there?

pumpkin mooning

There seems to be a full moon out tonight.

carnivore pumpkin

Cannibalism at its finest. Oh wait, or would that be vegetarianism?

flashing pumpkin


Hilarious! Though, if you're wanting to replicate any of these, I'd recommend keeping them strictly indoors if I were you, and only during your adults-only Halloween party. Not sure how welcoming a flasher pumpkin would be to trick-or-treaters.

Would you ever have the (pumpkin) guts to make one of these creations? Have you ever made an R-rated jack o'lantern?


Images via, spablab/Flickr

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