Hey, Annoying Pet Owner, Babies Don't Have Tails

dog in purseWe all have that friend that is completely obsessed over their pet, to the point that it makes you wonder just exactly who owns whom.

I'll admit that I have my crazy cat lady moments, but it's never gotten to the point of being downright annoying (and if it does, rest assured my friends will have no problem telling me so).

Here are seven of the most annoying things that pet owners do (and if you do any of these, for the love of all that is holy, please stop):

  1. Declaring, "Oh, he's just being friendly" when your 800-lb. gentle giant knocks us over and covers us in slurpy saliva. That's not friendliness, that's a full-on attack. Restrain the beast!
  2. Letting your cat walk on the counters. I understand that they enjoy doing this because of the height, but goodness gracious train those felines. You prep food there. I admit that we had this issue in my household, but after a few good spankings, Scout the Cat finally learned that counters are off-limits. Now he just climbs up into my bed (it's lofted) when he wants to look down at his minions. Discipline is a wonderful thing.
  3. Carrying your dog in your purse. Living in New York, I see this a lot and I cringe every time. And something that's even worse -- doggie strollers. Oh yes, they exist. Dogs are animals, not fashion statements, no matter what Paris Hilton may say.
  4. Curb your dog! Seriously, it's just downright disgusting not to. The idea of walking on the sidewalk where dogs have urinated is gross enough, but when you don't pick up after them ... ew!
  5. Comparing your pet to people's children. Sure I've done this in a joking manner, but the quickest way to piss off a parent is to seriously compare your fur-baby to their child. I overheard this exact conversation the other day:
    Frazzled, tired mom holding newborn: Yeah, I've only been getting a few hours sleep each night, between feedings and whatnot.
    Peppy lady holding a Chihuahua (with a bow!): Oh my god, I know what you mean! Loralei here loves attention so much, and she'll just bark in the middle of the night. She woke us up twice last night!
    Needless to say, I left quickly because I thought daggers were about to be thrown.
  6. Dressing your animal. I'll admit that I've attempted (unsuccessfully) to put Scout the Cat in Halloween costumes. But it's one thing to dress them up for a holiday, it's another to have your dog's wardrobe rival your own.
  7. Letting your dog bark throughout the night. Hi, neighbor here. I understand that you can't physically keep your dog from barking, but at least figure out what his problem is and deal with it. It's not necessary for a dog to "show his emotions" at 3 a.m.

Do you know anyone that's guilty of these faux pas?


Image via jason tinder/Flickr

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