Coveting Adelaide Soule's White Painted Floors

Adelaide girl cats white painted floor

Have you been following SouleMama's progress on all the new farmhouse renovations and the move? It's really quite exciting. I'm living vicariously.

The Soule family has been doing a lot of the work themselves, with the help of some friends. It's looking great to me. And, of course, I'm totally coveting the white-painted floors in Adelaide's room.


I love moving into a new place -- hate the physical lifting and moving, of course -- but there's something about stepping into that new space and starting fresh. A new home opens up new ideas and allows you to change out of the ruts you get into in the same house year after year. Yes, you can use that nightstand in the bathroom. Who says the kitchen table can't be the dining room table or vice versa? Yes, you can decide to NOT hang that horrific macrame owl from your great auntie that was hanging in your old house. Great auntie has moved on to a better place since then, a place where they really can forgive your not hanging the macrame owl.

Amanda Soule and her family took on tons of painting projects in the new house before they moved in, and among them, she decided to paint some of the already-painted hardwood floors white. I love this look and am still considering it in our boys' room. Makes for such a fresh canvas to organize all your things.

Here's the floor before in Adelaide's room:

floors before

And here's the after:

girl cats white painted floor

Wow! Loving the white with Adelaide's very own chosen wall color, a pretty and soft lilac.

I know what you all are going to say. But they'll get so dirty! Even so, I'd be willing to give it a go. Once you have a rug down and all the other things in place, it's sure to work out just fine. And hey, at least you can see where it's dirty, right? It's not like the dirt isn't there if you choose a color that doesn't show it. Haha. Not sure if that makes my bid for white floors better or worse.

Don't miss Amanda's bittersweet post about saying goodbye to their old house: goodbye/hello. It's amazing the power a house and all its memories can hold.

What do you think of painted white floors? Would you dare?


Images via SouleMama

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