10 Non-Human Things I'm Thankful For

Thanksgiving spreadIn honor of Thanksgiving, I thought I would present the things I am thankful for this year. Now, of course, my amazing children, very tolerant husband, and good health top the list. But here are some other things I simply can't imagine life without. As I bow my head at the table, these are the images that will be floating through my mind ...

1. My Shower. We've lived in many houses, some with crappy showers and some with great ones. The one we have now is the perfect size, has the perfect water pressure, and has a little bench for me to prop up and shave my legs. It's a little oasis. On the days I actually use it, I mean.


2. Mr. Clean Erasers. I have no idea how we lived without these little white rectangular miracle workers, and I shudder to even imagine. I whip out a new pack weekly to deal with everything from crayons on the wall to when my children embellish their shoes with paint.

3. My iPhone. It's the first thing that wakes me up in the morning and the last thing I see most nights. It's entertained my children at doctor's appointments and provided light when our power went out. It's been with me through childbirth, 29-hour road trips, and endless soccer games. I'm pretty much in love with it.

4. Diet Coke. I've tried to give it up, but it's futile. And, really, what's the point? If two or three cans a day make me happy, so be it. There are certainly worse addictions to have.

5. Baby Wipes. I will be buying these things long after my youngest is potty trained. Which at the rate we're going will be never anyway. So, we're good on that.

6. High-Speed Internet Access. I would say my laptop, but really what good is that without high speed access? None at all. 

7. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Sure, there's little (if any) nutritional value, but some days it's the only thing I can get all three of my kids to agree on for dinner. And it takes 30 seconds to make.

8. Cartoons. Who says TV isn't a babysitter? It's the cheapest and the most reliable one we've got. I simply couldn't live without that magical black box mounted to our wall.

9. My King-Size Bed. I never intended to be a co-sleeping family, but most nights we all end up in there together. Any smaller and we'd suffocate.

10. Hot Chocolate. And Pumpkin Lattes. And Peppermint Mochas. Oh, the tastes of the season. Doesn't get much better!

What are YOU thankful for this year?


Image via good_egg/Flickr

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