A Peek Inside Sarah Palin's Home: 5 Things We Learned

Sarah Palin

Yes, that is a moose lightswitch cover.

I have to say I was pretty surprised when I caught a glimpse of Sarah Palin's home in Wasilla, Alaska, the other night on Dancing With the Stars. Bristol Palin brought Mark Ballas, her professional dance partner on the show, to her family's home to meet mom Sarah and dad Todd.

It was definitely a sweet little Mama Grizzly moment in which Sarah expressed to Bristol how proud she was of her dancing and commitment. However, when we got inside the Palin home, I was definitely expecting a darker, more woodsy interior and some grizzly bear and wolf decor. And where's the gun case?

Of course, it's amazing how much you can learn about a person in even a quick glimpse around their house. Come see what we learned about Sarah Palin in our quick minute inside her home.


Here's the clip via US Magazine in case you missed it:


5 Things We Learned When We Peeked Around Sarah Palin's Home

  1. Baby gates and glass-surround staircase -- good, good, baby Trig is safe to explore. Too bad her teenager Bristol didn't have the same level of safety precautions provided to her last year. I mean, can you imagine Sarah saying, "Now Trig, just abstain from getting yourself into trouble on the stairs. Just say 'no' to unsafe stair climbing."
  2. Despite the fact that Sarah abruptly stepped down as Governor, she really does love her state -- only a true Alaskan die-hard would have a moose-shaped lightswitch cover?
  3. Hey, did you see that globe in the corner? Between that and the big picture windows, that's probably how Sarah knew the precise distance between Alaska and Russia.
  4. American flag, stuck right in the middle of the wall. Yep, proof that she's a proud and true American.
  5. Is that a big piece of fluorescent orange poster board at the top of the stairs? So Sarah IS running for President in 2012! Is it fair that she's already practicing her campaign signage?

What did you learn from peeking around Sarah Palin's home?


Image via US Magazine

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