6 Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel

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Remember that large structure along the wall in your home that you ignored all summer long, that's your fireplace. And it's almost time to put that bad boy back into action with a toasty, cozy nightly fire. If you've also been ignoring the mantel on top and haven't freshened it up for a season or two, now's the time to give your mantel a little makeover.

Here are several ideas for decorating your mantelpiece in a way that you will love. After all, I'm pretty sure if you look up "mantel" in the dictionary, you shall find this definition: small shelf to display all the cute stuff you love or can't resist buying.

So let's get to it!


6 Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace mantel is every amateur decorator's dream. Its sole purpose is for the lovely display of those pretty things, hanging or otherwise, that make you oh-so-happy. So what kinds of things can you put on your mantel? Oh so many wonderful things ...

1. Artwork

Decorating your fireplace with your favorite artwork -- drawings, painting, photographs, or other collections -- is always fun. Doesn't everyone love to show off their favorite things? Well, the mantel is the perfect place.

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In the home of Amy Furstenau of Everything I Love, Amy groups several of her favorite art pieces -- all at varying sizes and heights -- for a layered appeal on her mantelpiece. Love this look.

fireplace artwork

Stephanie Brubaker of Stephmodo, alternatively, showcases a single large and colorful painting on her mantel with just a few silver candleholders. Simple and looks very pretty as well.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors are always lovely accents, but they're really perfect above a fireplace. Show off an ornate, decorative mirror or a simple framed mirror in that open space over the mantel. Honestly, who doesn't have their eye on several great-looking mirrors? Here's your excuse.

fireplace mirror

Love this narrow, wood-framed fireplace with the framed mirror above in the home of Veronika Pollard of a few things from my life and sarah & bendrix. The large vertical mirror makes the room appear larger and the ceiling look a little higher. The wooden mirror frame complements the wooden fireplace frame nicely as well.

3. Letters and numbers

Big graphic letters and numbers, vintage or new, can be a fun addition to your mantel.

Graphic letters fireplace

Mary Swenson of Pretty Good and t.ruffle girls gives her mantel and dining room a personal touch that celebrates the family name with this big letter "S" from Hindsvik. Its height and bright color helps bring the eye to the ceiling as well, which also makes the room appear taller.

clock fireplace


Amy Hanson of sweet sweet life uses numbers to create a graphic working clock above her fireplace. Numbers make for some great visual art in this case. The fact that the pretty clock is actually functional is a major bonus. 

4. Natural Finds

Nature offers lots of beautiful, free goodies for decorating your mantle. In the fall, think pine cones, tree branches, and acorns. But don't stop there ...

beach stone mantle

Love this beach stone mantel by stylist Tanya Goodwin of Home from the Sea (found via Remodelista). The colorful weathered boards, probably found, aren't too shabby either. Love the contrast between the simple clean decor atop the ornate mantelpiece.

5. Collections

The mantel is a great place to display your collections. You can keep it simple or think of creative ways to group your favorite things.

mantel white ceramics

You can really go wild on your mantel if you give yourself some guidelines. If you're going to display a number of items, try to stick to a single shape or color palette. Layla of The Lettered Cottage styled this lovely mantel in all-white ceramics with a touch of greenery. Gorgeous!

6. Other Objects

shutters mantel

Found on The Nester, these pale blue shutters atop the fireplace again add great height and wonderful visual interest to the room. (And how fun is the chalkboard surround and its perfectly imperfect drawn bricks?)

Your fireplace mantel is the perfect place to express yourself through a display of your favorite things or objects that visually please you. Get creative!

What's on your fireplace mantel?


Images via Country Living, Amy Fursteneau, Stephanie Brubaker, Veronika Pollard, Mary Swenson, Amy Hanson, Remodelista, The Lettered Cottage, and The Nester.

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