Halloween Lighting That'll Have Your Neighbors Talking

halloween lightingEveryone knows where you can get eyeball string lights, colored spotlights, and of course, the classic jack o’lantern light.

But what about severed leg lights?

With a little inventiveness, you can create completely unique lighting that will have your neighbors talking. (In the good way, not the Wisteria Lane kind of way.)

But steel yourselves, because you are going to have to become BFFs with the following things to make these projects work: LED lights, glow sticks (yep, the rave ones), and glow-in-the-dark paint.


Smoking Hot Luminaries -- Actually, they’re pretty cold, but they do smoke. Using painted tin cans (any size), fill them part way with hot water and add a chunk of dry ice and an activated glow stick. If you can find the orange and yellow sticks, you’ll have a great eerie smoke. The only drawback here is that when the water cools off or the ice melts, it will stop smoking, so the luminaries will need to be re-upped if you want them to carry on all night. These are probably best used for people arriving for a spooky soiree.

Fluttering Bats -- Buy cheap flashlights at the dollar store or Salvation Army, but make sure you get the ones with larger lenses. Cut out Halloweeny shapes (bats, spiders) and attach them to the flashlight lens. Hang the lights from a tree or set them up in the ground pointing at your house to project your creepy crawlies on the big screen.

Glowing Pumpkin Lanterns -- Pearl River and IKEA may be your best sources here for either orange or plain white hanging lanterns. Paint them up with jack o’lantern faces, bats, and spiderwebs, then hang them and light ‘em up! Or, skip the LEDs and cover the lanterns with glow-in-the-dark paint for an eerie look. If you can’t find lanterns, buy those cheap Styrofoam balls from the craft store and make them glow!

Skelanimals -- Hit the thrift store for cheap dolls or toys and paint on glow-in-the-dark skeletons for a creepy menagerie. If you end up with plush animals, be prepared to lay down several coats of paint to combat the fuzziness of the fur.

Bloody Stump Lighting -- Buy pre-bloodied body parts or gore up cheap doll parts (the cheaper the better, for thinner plastic). Cut an opening using a craft knife and toss in a miniature LED. Scatter them over the lawn or hang them from ceilings for instant Dexter décor.


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