Kid-Friendly Walls, Nursery Design & More News

wallsOne of the things that I'm most looking forward to when I have kids is decorating their little bedrooms. Design for kids' rooms has come a long way from just the cowboy or princess decor.

  • If you have a little budding artist that just won't stop drawing on the walls, you may just have to surrender to his artistic needs. Embrace his mess talent with these kid-friendly glass panels that your child can draw on with a regular marker. Best thing about it it, it wipes right off with window cleaner. -- Shelterpop
  • I am in love with this nursery that's featured over at OhDeeDoh. Beautiful heritage pieces are mixed in with flea market finds to give it a unique look. -- OhDeeDoh
  • I am going cuckoo for these adorable cuckoo clocks. These handcrafted clocks are designed with kids in mind, but mom can definitely appreciate their cuteness! -- Babble


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