Mel Gibson Faces Foreclosure? Serves Him Right!

Mel GibsonI guess all those lawyer fees have taken their toll for the Hollywood actor/girlfriend beater/racist slurrer Mel Gibson because he was recently smacked with a couple of big ol' lawsuits demanding him to pay a total of $212,000 or risk losing three of his properties.


Back in July, we wondered why Mel suddenly wanted to jet off to Australia to live -- maybe he was dodging a pissed-off suit wanting his money back. Hmm, that sounds like a movie that Mel might've been in once upon a time.

He's being sued for not making payments on three of his residential properties, as well as his church. Wait, what? Mel Gibson has a church? After everything he's done, how has that not been caught on fire from the wrath of God?

He owes $12,000 for the residential and $200,000 for the church. One would think that Mel could at least shell out $12K, right? It boggles my mind how much these celebrities make, yet they still manage to run their finances into the ground. Just save a little, people!

If he's unable to pay out, he'll join the Celebrity Foreclosure Club that includes the likes of Nicolas Cage and multiple Real Housewives ladies. It's quite the little party. Mel will bring the booze!

Are you surprised that he's facing foreclosure? What do you think of celebrities who end up facing foreclosure?


Image via Splash News

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