Speidi: How NOT to Manage Your Finances

Spencer PrattSpeidi is broke. Flat broke. (Yeah, that whole divorce was a scam, surprised?) Right now, they're camping out at his mother's beach house because they can't pay rent.

I guess the staged paparazzi photo industry isn't doing so well nowadays.

But they can't blame their lack of income on the public's disinterest in them (it was bound to happen). Oh no Speidi, take a good hard look in the mirror. Literally, look in the mirror -- you'll see what you spent your dough on. It's all those crystals hanging from Spencer's neck and Heidi's plastic body.

So what can we learn from Speidi's mistakes to help us manage our own home finances?

  • Crystal addiction is dangerous. No, not crystal meth, though that is, too. But even meth won't have the financial damage as ... dum, dum, dum ... energy crystals. Spencer recently admitted to his addiction (good boy, acceptance is the first step), saying that he spent $500,000 on the sparkly goods.

  • Another bad addiction? Designer bags. Oh, and trying to look like Barbie with dozens of plastic surgeries.

  • If you do splurge on fancy cars, such as Speidi's Porsche Cayenne SUV, 1968 Camaro, and a customized pick-up truck, make sure there's plenty of room inside -- you may have to end up living in them.

  • Spy gear isn't necessary unless you're James Bond.

  • When your mother said you could do anything you dreamed of, she was lying. If you're cash-strapped, you shouldn't try to make a movie titled, Tower 69: Beach Patrol Featuring 3D Boobs. Nor should you spend $7,515 in three hours at a strip club during "casting."

  • Unless you're actually planning on getting a divorce, it's a little wasteful to hire divorce lawyers. Not to mention you probably pissed a lot of people off. 

  • Spencer recently shaved his beard on YouTube in hopes of generating some moolah. Surprisingly, it didn't work. So now we know, shaving is not a way to make money. Check. 

Such a sad story, but could totally happen to any of us. Any one of you guys could have left home, joined a reality show, made fools of yourselves in front of the entire world, spent your not-so-hard-earned money on ridiculous items, only to have to move back in with your mom. So let's not judge, k?

What have you learned from Speidi's financial mistakes that you'll be sure NOT to do?


Image via MTV.com

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