DIY Candle Holders, Mobile Outdoor Kitchen & More News

paintbrushesI am a big fan of DIY -- maybe even too much so because I tend to take on bigger projects than I have time for, so I get them halfway done and then they just sit there ... smack-dab in my living room. Like this cabinet. Ah well, what can ya do? I know a lot of you are also DIY divas, so here are some links for you:

  • You know those triangle-shaped cardboard packing materials that are fitted onto the corners of items to protect them? You can turn them into candle holders. Seriously! Just give them a splash of color with craft paint, add some poster sticker mounts, and voila!  -- Casa Sugar
  • Okay, this DIY project is a little more intense and should probably only be attempted by seasoned DIYers. This mobile outdoor kitchen is made entirely of things that can be found at a hardware store. The cart features a garden hose sink that drains into a watering can, two small shelves for storage, and a chopping board that forms an extra surface for food prep. If you're able to pull this off, please send me photos! Check out the free how-to. -- Apartment Therapy 
  • There's a DIY trend going around in the world of home decor, but it's not do-it-yourself, it's design-it-yourself. Home goods have jumped on this bandwagon allowing their creative customers to design their own products. I love this idea, but it just makes it that much harder to be decisive when shopping! -- Shelterpop

Are you big into DIY projects? What's your latest?


Image via alancleaver_2000/Flickr

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