Frank Sinatra Home Decor Looks Like Grandma's

Frank Sinatra HomeYou know how your grandmother's house always had that weird old person smell to it? Doilies sat on chunky oak side tables and creepy little figurines were camped out on every shelf. Sofas were covered in plastic, topped off with crocheted pillows of animal or floral images. It's the stereotypical old person decor, and, apparently, it doesn't matter how much money you have, you can still be a victim to it.

Prime example: Frank Sinatra's home. The late singer's home recently went on the market for the first time in 50 years, and I'm pretty sure 50 years ago was the last time that it was decorated. Let's take a peek inside.



Frank Sinatra Home

Matching sofa and curtain prints? Yes! And look at all of those little trinkets everywhere.

Frank Sinatra Home

Frank Sinatra Home

Ya gotta love that retro color palette. Though, I am a fan of the wood-beamed vaulted ceiling, window banquette, and fireplace. The place definitely has nice bones -- just don't take any tips from the current decor.

Frank Sinatra Home

Heavy table. Heavy chairs. Heavy curtains. It all gives me a heavy heart. Thank goodness for the gorgeous coffered ceiling and large floor-to-ceiling windows.

The seven-bedroom California hacienda is on sale for $22.5 million. Anyone that has the money to spend on that will have the money to give this place an extreme makeover. The property also comes with over 2 acres of beautiful landscape design and a lavish pool, by which the crooner undoubtedly smoked stogies and sipped martinis.

Do you like the decor of his home? Does it look like your grandparents' design style?


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