Share Your Collection

Photo by Cafe Sheri

My paternal grandmother collected miniature pitchers. My mom inherited her great aunt's incredible pewter collection. I don't consider myself a collector, but my husband keeps picking up unique coffee and tea wares. Mostly as a family, we collect natural world things like rocks, seashells, acorns, and other seedlings and seed pods.

Do you have a collection in your home?


Over in the Home Decor and So Much More! group, some CafeMoms are showing off their collections—pottery, red ruby glass, antiques, and more. Some share that they find collections only cause clutter and collect dust. I might have to argue that collections can be wonderful and, with a little love, displayed or grouped in a fun or even sophisticated way.

Here are some collections I love right now:

+++ Tell us about your collection. What do you collect? And how, if at all, do you display your collection?

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