'Glee' Room Makeover: Going Modern in Finn's Bedroom

finn hudson cory monteith glee
Cory Monteith "Finn Hudson" of Glee
Cory Monteith who plays Finn Hudson on Glee (it's back on tonight, folks!) recently gave a video tour of Finn's on-set bedroom. And let's just say Finn's bedroom is styled to look exactly like a teen boy's bedroom. Not so stylish or thoughtfully designed but charming in that stinky sweat socks of your firstborn son kind of way.

Personally, I couldn't get past the adorable vintage cowboy wallpaper though, despite the rest of the room. Every boy should have cowboy wallpaper at some time in his life. Cowboy wallpaper is awesome.

Let's make over and update Finn's room for a cool and modern boy (like Finn, only with a better bedroom). And yes, there will be cowboy wallpaper.


Here's Cory Monteith's video tour of Finn's room. Take a look:

Now let's create an updated version of this bedroom. A little bit western, a little bit sporty and all modern-day boy.

cowboy wallpaper

Cath Kidston's Cowboy Wallpaper (£22) still has vintage style but also comes with a fresh cool color palette and a brighter white backdrop. It's boyish but kind of hipster at the same time, but I'd still probably limit it to a wall or two.

color block quilt boys
Let's trade out Finn's boring and chintzy-looking blue and white plaid comforter for this bold
Color Block Quilt & Sham ($59.99) at Target. Much better. Way more stylish and mature, too.

striped bedding duvet

This Wide Stripes Bedding ( $79-$99) at Land of Nod is another nice bedding option for Finn's new room.

fillsta table lampThis FILLSTA Table Lamp ($19.99)  from IKEA does nothing if not inspire thoughts of basketball. Perfect for our up-to-date version of Finn's room.

chrome swivel leather chair brownSay goodbye to Finn's ugly tan swivel chair. Say hello to this Brown Designer Chrome Oval Leather Swivel Chair ($189.93). Too cool for school but not too cool for glee club.

blue shag rug

And let's finish the room off Finn's brand new bedroom with this Handwoven Blue Chenille Shag Rug ($36.99) from Overstock.com.

What do you think? Do you think Finn would want to trade up with this bedroom makeover?

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