15 Jobs Where Cell Phones Should Be Banned

lifeguardReports have recently come out saying how there was concern raised this past summer over the safety at pools and beaches due to lifeguards texting instead of keeping watch.

Glad they're telling us now instead of, say, when we were actually in the waters.

Regardless, lifeguard duty is definitely one of those jobs that you need to be alert at all times, so I'm all for banning the cell. Hopefully they'll have cleaned up their tech act by next summer.

In the meantime, here are 15 other jobs that they may want to look into for cell crackdown:


1. OB-GYN: At least please refrain from sending any picture messages.

2. Urologist: He could be performing a vasectomy -- how would you like it if someone was receiving text messages while they were "fixing" your husband?

3. Psychiatrist: Texting to friend: OMG ... this patient is sooo crazy.

4. Lap Dancer: Is that a phone in your pocket or ... wait a minute ...

5. Public Speaker: "And, in conclusion, that is why we should ... " *cue "Baby Got Back" ringtone.

6. Bomb Squad: Rule #17: No sexting while disabling a bomb!

7. Referee: "Did you see if he was in bounds when he scored to win the championship game?" "Uh ... "

8. Prostitute: It's just plain rude to text your boyfriend while you've got another dude on top of you.

9. Tattoo Artist: Why does my "I love Rick" say "I love ****"?

10. Librarian: For the 12 libraries that actually still have customers.

11. Surgeon: No one likes to hear "oopsie" while being on the operating table.

12. Priest: "Father I have sinned ... I've, wait, are you texting?"

13. Sniper: Someone might send you a funny email that will make you LOL. Oops. Cover's blown.

14. Yoga Instructors: Please. I'm trying to find my inner zen!

15. Animal Trainers: Giant hungry lions will not wait for you to take a call.

In your opinion, what are some jobs in which cell phones should be banned?


Image via bernardoh/Flickr

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