'Lonny' Goes Print -- But at a Pretty Price

lonny magazineWhen Domino magazine folded, I cried. Literally. I sat at my desk, reading the WWD article announcement with tears trickling down my cheeks.

And then my heart was (almost) whole again when the online magazine Lonny debuted last year. It looked so similar to Domino that it was basically its younger, more tech-savvy sister.

But I think we can all agree that there's just something special about curling up with a print magazine. I was ecstatic when I learned about Anthology, a quarterly design magazine that's hitting shelves next month, but what am I going to do the other 3/4 of the year?

My answer has arrived: Lonny is going to print. But at a very pretty price ...


$34 to be exact. Per issue. Gulp. Maybe I don't miss those shelter pubs as much as I thought.

Each issue is custom printed (hence the high price). I suppose that if it becomes high enough in demand, they will have the ability to mass produce, allowing the prices to drop. So, all you rich kids out there, start buying so us normal people can enjoy!

In the meantime, I'm sticking to turning the digital pages of my favorite online magazines, and relying on five other (cheaper) print publication options:

Better Homes & Garden ($5.99 for one year, 12-issue subscription)

Better Homes & Garden

It's come a long way from being the mag that sat on your grandmother's coffee table, consisting of pages filled with crochet-type projects. Though it may not be quite up to speed on trends, it has great ideas for the DIY diva.

Coastal Living ($10 for one year, 10-issue subscription)

coastal livingIf you're a fan of natural decor, especially nautical and cottage-type looks, then look no further than Coastal Living.

Elle Decor ($14.95 for one year, 9-issue subscription)

elle decor

Ah, my former place of employment. Beautiful magazine, but its high-end design and elaborate products make it a magazine that's more eye candy than for the everyday person. For the truly design savvy, it's perfect for glancing through and drawing inspiration to use in your own home -- in a cheaper way, of course!

Veranda (one year subscription, 8 issues for $15)


After an extreme facelift, Veranda is better than ever, with former Domino editor Dara Caponigro heading the stern.

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles (1-year subscription, 12 issues, $27)

atlanta homes & lifestyles

Okay, so it's almost as expensive as Lonny, but I have to say that this magazine is probably one of the most well-done publications that isn't sold nationwide (though you can subscribe from anywhere). Perfect balance of beautiful, attainable design.

What's your favorite shelter print publication? Would you spend $34 on a Lonny print subscription?


Images via LonnyMag.com, BHG.com, CoastalLiving.com, ElleDecor.com, Veranda.com, AtlantaHomesMag.com

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