3-D TV: Too Geeky to Be Popular?

3-D TVThe idea of 3-D TVs sounds cool -- in your own living room you're virtually being transported into a world of outrageous characters that appear to be right there at your fingertips.

You can reach out and try to grab the food that's being thrown, or dodge the birds that are taking flight.

How very futuristic.


But take yourself out of the virtual world for a moment. You're sitting there, by yourself in your living room, bobbing your head instinctively, and wearing amazingly goofy glasses while chowing down on popcorn ...

That disastrous fashion image in itself is enough to keep me from jumping on to the 3-D bandwagon. Not to mention those horrible headaches that seemingly come along with 3-D viewing.

A recent 3-D TV study done by Nielsen proves that I'm not the only person that feels that way. After being excited about the idea of watching TV in the third dimension, consumers tried the product out only to give it a big fat thumbs down. A whopping 57% of the folks that were surveyed said that they wouldn't buy into the 3-D TV craze simply because of the dorky but necessary accessories that go along with it.

Sounds like the super-cool comeback of the 3-D is an utter FAIL. At least in the confines of our homes. (Sorry, James Cameron.)

What do you think of the 3-D phase? Is it here to stay?

Image via Panasonic.com

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